PART 2: Why Name Bluebell Skincare?

Salam Jumaat everyone ❤️ So here is part 2, of my story 😊

Siapa dan kenapa dinamakan Bluebell Skincare? Hmmm 🤔🤔 Siapa? That name was specifically chosen by my late mother in law, Puan Mek Yam binti Jusoh or I called her umi. Voted as the England’s favourite wildflower, Bluebell signify her love for flowers and England as a personal remembrance of her beautiful memories in the UK during her studying days.

I guess, something about flowers that always symbolise beauty, grace and often been used as methaphor to describe women’s beauty. Some of the questions that were asked ‘Your produk ni, ada extract bunga Bluebell ke? ‘ or ada bau bunga Bluebell?’… Hahah, takde kena mengena ya. Bluebell is just the brand, the name has got nothing to do with our ingredients.

Furthermore, flowers are nature’s best gift and I believe why she chose the name Bluebell can really signify her embrace of eco-beauty, which is all about regaining consciousness towards the roots and not resorting to chemicals. Lagi-lagi at that time, banyak sgt produk timbang kilo di pasaran dan sgt senang nk dpt.A lot of ppl masih kurang kesedaran mengenai kesan penggunaan produk – produk yang mengandungi Mercury, Hydroquinone ni. Janji cantik cepat.Jalannn! There are still lack of awareness of the effects and danger wearing these products. Therefore, it was truly her dream to come out with a skincare product that is free from harmful chemicals, totally safe to the skin and most importantly halal certified.

So in 2015, her first baby made its debut. The 1st batch of Bluebell Skincare came with 3 range of products, the Cleanser, Daily Defence Moisturiser and our Night Cream. All the ingredients that Bluebell has now, was nothing different back in 2015. She already knew what she wanted, she did her research, focus groups and even discussed with few of her doctor friends. Everytime the samples came, she would ask each and everyone of us to try n test and give our feedbacks.But poor thing, there’s no proper marketing plan when she came out with the products and in 2016, my dear husband came in to strategise the business plan..(Ok I will share this story. nxt week) 

So when I decided to joined Bluebell in 2019, (quit my job in corporate after 12 yrs! OK tu pon I will story later…) I study in depth on Bluebell Skincare ingredients and what are our USPs.. And I was quite surprised that Bluebell has significant numbers of key ingredients like Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Licorice extract and many others. The same ingredients are now contained in many famous US or Korean brands.

And I said to myself.. Umi was genius! Bluebell can really sell! Never have I imagined that venturing into business is not as easy as ABC..TBC (Part 3 nxt Friday) 😉

Aliaa Z

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