PART 9: Spread The Goodness

How time flies sooo fast, pejam celik pejam celik this coming 16th January will be our 6th year in the industry. Cepat sgt rasa masa berlalu kan 😃😃, six years we have survived! Yohooooo… Sustaining this business..Alhamdullilah 🤲

Although it has been 6 years, but the first few years I have to give credit to my husband as he was the one who set up the business, did the business model, strategy and agent recruitment.. Until I joined in, late 2019. One thing for sure, what I’ve learnt doing business ain’t easy yo, byk pancaroba, dan hati harus sentiasa kental.. 🔥🔥

So rewind few years back during 2017- 2019, there were series of interviews at TV Al Hijrah, we were featured in few local newspapers and our billboards were ups across the highways.. It was quite a milestone for us. I know this brand can go big.. I have big faith but we just have to be real, honest and our nawaitu kena betul, that is to help people that has skin problems especially those yang pernah pakai harmful skincare brands which contain mercury, Hydroquinone or Tretinoin. Once stop, muka akan terus breakout! 😢😢

So throwback during our series of TV Al Hijrah interviews in 2017, we realised Umi has started to lose some weight and easily gets tired which is very unlike her. We had abt 5-6 series of interviews but umi managed to join only 3 interviews. She tried her best to fulfill our request although she wasn’t that well at that time. 😢

Somehow we all knew she was not too well. But we never know the reason why. Knowing her, she always had that superwoman power in her, always so strong, very determined, never longed for anyone’s empathy.
She was a true fighter. And I’m happy that atleast u managed to see our 1st billboard when it was up during raya 2017. 😍😍

InsyaAllah, we’ll continue your legacy and help your vision to be achieved in long term that is to close the information gap between uneducated and sophisticated skincare users. We will continue to educate women about their skin as well as the useful vs harmful ingredients in skin care is what Bluebell Skincare aims to do. Insyaallah ❤️❤️❤️


Aliaa Z

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