Part 8: Passion Towards Sports

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So, we’ve painted umi’s picture as a dedicated mother, an iron lady, a genius and strong willed woman, kan? 🧐 Another character you ought to know about this Bluebell’s founder is the passion she had for healthy lifestyle!! lets start with golf and the many hours she spent at Kota Permai Country and Golf Club😂 because Umi was sooooo into golfing back then and participated in numerous tournaments in Singapore, Indonesia and around Malaysia. I guess golf is THE corporate sports. She enjoyed the sun, the thrill, the company- all that while rocking pink and striking blue pants. dia memang tak boleh duduk diam and do nothing 😂

Even after her retirement, she voluntarily took up the responsibility as the National Manager for Malaysian Women Cricket Team in 2010. As the Team’s manager, she provided tremendous support and encouragement while managing the Malaysian cricket players. She flew to various countries with the Team when they have games or friendly matches all year round. To name a few, there’s the Asian Games in Incheon, Korea in 2014 and in Guang Zhou, China back in 2016.

Her last trip with the Team was when she took them to Sri Lanka for 14 days of training and games tour in preparation for the 2017 Asean Games. However, just before the Asean Games, she relinquished her post as Manager as she went for hajj in September 2017. Being called “Ma’am”- umi was loved and respected by all. As i was rarely at home doing my studies, but I remember that there were times I got to meet the girls when Umi invited them over for makan makan or bbq at home. Its her way to bond and get to know the girls better. One of the reasons that made her stay and wanted to contribute to the Team was because Umi believed in the players and the potential that they all have. Well, tu apa yg I gather from how she told me about the players! All incredible STORIES. ⭐⭐

In everything that she did, Umi ensure a positive impact was made. be it as a personal takeaway for the individual or for the organisation as a whole. She’s a woman of purpose. and that was her aspirations when she founded Bluebell- to make sure many can benefit from the products.

Xoxo – @qistinasyasya
Daughter of Bluebell Skincare Founder

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