PART 7: How it Began, How it is Now

Hi beauties!

Sorry last week was a bit hectic for me and I missed on the write up of #abrandcalledbluebell. But i guess no one realised huh 😅😅.

Anyways, to those who followed our IG and FB account wayyy back from 2016 when we first started, I’m sure you guys realised how #Bluebellskincare has transformed in terms of packaging. Our packaging dh tukar 3 kali, the first one in 2016..At that year, our products did not come in box, only in bottles and travel size. Furthermore the first year, we only had 3 products which were our Cleanser, Daily Defence Moisturiser and Night Mosturiser.

Later in 2017, we’ve slightly changed our packaging and customised a box for each of our products. We even came out with a new baby which was our Radiance Serum 😊. Thanks to @liyana_latip for helping me to come our with this clean design. Did I mention that I am soo lucky to be surrounded by such a creative bunch of ppl around me. This who have helped me with the design of the product packaging were mostly my ex colleagues back then who were very good with ai + photoshop.

Later in 2019, when my husband said, ‘Aliaa, one day I want you to resign from your work and manage bluebell’.. I said ‘Can, but I want to rebrand the packaging and I want it to relate to the young market’.. I want Bluebell to be seen as a fun, vibrant, warm yet honest brand that every girls and women can relate to when it comes to taking care of their skin. So in 2019, we had few surveys done on the product packaging and we changed the bottles, the box, stickers packaging and we even come out with larger set. But one thing for sure we did not change the logo. It really has that sentimental value, the idea from my late MIL @ the bluebell founder.

When we plan to come out with the larger set, I want every girls and women to be excited when they received the box and share through their unboxing experience through social media. ❤️❤️❤️.The large set or we called it our complete set was feedbacks that we received from our existing customers as a lot of them wanted a slighter bigger size that is more value to money dan yg plg penting boleh pakai lama.

So yeah, we take that into consideration and voilaaa!! The new packaging came into the picture in July 2019! And we even come out with additional product which was is our Hydrating Face Mist.

One thing I learnt throughout this journey.. You need to always listen to your customers, they are the one that are using our products so their feedbacks matter.. We cannot simply ignored them. Trust me, kalau tak, we will end up with products yg hanya akan syok sendiri, baik diri sendiri je pakai.. 😂😂😂 It has to benefitour consumers.. Siapa setuju? TBC

Xoxo : Aliaa Z

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