PART 5: Journey to United Kingdom (UK)

Hi everyone..tonight I will be taking over this week post #abrandcalledbluebell 😬 Malam ni I wanna share about our founder’s journey in the UK. Bagi yg tak tahu, founder Bluebell, Pn Mek Yam had her share of tertiary education in the UK. Meh i masuk mode storytelling kay.

Ex-Alumni Sekolah Tun Fatimah, Brunel University & Cranfield Institute of Technology

I dare say Umi was in disbelief seeing Big Ben with her very own eyes but she did. Umi flew to the UK to further her studies in Ordinary National Diploma in Nottingham UK before graduating with a degree in Electrical Electronic Engineering from Brunel University.

She was not the kind of mother that urge her children to drop everything and go for that extra A’s or score 100% ..and so I grew up giving my best shot at whatever I do, but not stress to be the best as long as I enjoy what I am doing. That’s Umi..striving her best but never forget to have fun.

One advice i always remember she said was “to enjoy the present..because the present is a gift”.

Instead of limiting her success, her way of thinking open even more opportunities to her..peluang kejayaan and wonderful experiences in life. Admin percaya that she lived a life bursting with colours..never dull and always exciting.

In 1977, Umi and Babah flew back to Kota Bharu and tied the knot before habiskan studies together and graduated in 1979.
kalau you all nak tau, during her final year, Umi got an offer to work with Sumitomo Electric based in Japan. Tapi she turned down that offer as she took up the offer from General Electric Ltd in London sbab they all agreed to pay off her scholarship with JPA. Unfortunately, due to the subsequent change of ownership of the company, the arrangement did not materialise.

The rezk was replaced by an even better rezk when she got pregnant with my eldest sister, whom umi gave birth to 2 months after her graduation, in September 1979 at Sulfurd Hospital. They stayed in an apartment in Sulfurd while my father worked with Metal Box, a company there before coming back to Malaysia after a wonderful time in the UK..alone when she first came, but bringing back a small family with her coming back home 🥰…and so her journey continues..

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