Part 10: Fight Until The Last Breath

Hi Beauties..untuk minggu ni, I will take over 🙂 i know some dah start familiarise dgn our co-founder, Aliaa- but she gave me the honour to do the final part of this series #abrandcalledbluebell and so here I am! Happy to share more about my mother.

So firstly I akan address kenapa we publish #abrandcalledbluebell specifically on Fridays. This series memang we plan to execute setiap Jumaat because of a reason yang I will never forget…(and also because siapa je tak anticipate Friday, start of the weekend 🤪). We chose Friday because Umi left us on a Friday, exactly at 6.45pm..on 17th Aug 2018, on 5 Zulhijjah. Fun fact; till to date, insyaAllah, my family will recite al-fatihah dedicated to our beloved Umi, almarhumah Mek Yam Jusoh. Bukan sebab takut lupa of this sorrowful date, but at least this way, we remind each other to constantly sedekahkan al fatihah to arwah, at least once a week.

Kalau you all nak suruh i cerita about 17 Aug 2018, i doubt one post is enough..because i remember every details of that day, every shift of feelings as the event played out as planned by Our Creator, progress by progress with different intensity of grief..confusion, sadness, disbelief..and anger unfold. So many feelings inside, so many questions and uncertainties..but what I’m certain is that Umi left in good terms..insyaAllah. Such a heavy feeling- grief. And I percaya that for each person, grief ni lain-lain rasa dia. So, lain lain cara kita cope with it. It doesnt go away, moving forward you just accept grief as a part of yourself 🙂

Umi was diagnosed with lung cancer in late 2016 with only 3 months left- so said the doc. Tapi sbb she was someone yg very strong willed, she fought the cancer for almost 2 years with strict dietary and healthy lifestyle..she survived sbb nekad dia to keep on living and the support she got from babah. Alhamdulillah umi even sempat menunaikan haji with babah in Sept 2017- at tht time dia dh stage 4 cancer. Imagine…the pain she endured. her roommate masa buat haji was a cancer survivor, who was telling her abt her cancer and all..

umi just listened and did not even mention tht she is also at tht time fighting the same enemy. strong she was. and never, ever, once, she told us that..even towards her last days when she was visibly in pain, everytime i asked “umi sakit ke” and she said “feeling better”. just that, always that. “feeling better”. Umi was a fighter, no doubt.

She was compassionate, go-getter, wise and loving, I admire her dearly as a mother and as a woman. which brings me to my hope for Bluebell..that is so that it’ll keep growing into more than just a’ll be your partner throughout your skin journey, yr companion to build yr confidence and a tool to love yourself 😉 I’m sure Umi has full confidence tht my sis in law and my brother will help Bluebell to achieve that, together dgn you all.

Soooo, with this series #abrandcalledbluebell, hopefully we all dapat give you a glimpse of who our Founder was 🙂 big shoutout to Bluebell’s Team for this project!! weeee~❤️👏🏽 awesome initiative!!

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