PART 4: The Importance of Education

Any of u guys experienced going to boarding school? For me, I always envy, those who managed to enroll in boarding schools. 😉

This week posting in memory of my late MIL, was written by my sis in law @qistinasyasya.
Both of them were ex srikandis.. STF Students if u familiar with the acronym it means Sekolah Tun Fatimah in JB. I believe it gives more justice for her to write about her mom for this part 4 #abrandcalledbluebell 😍

“Girls always like to dress up, right? And no kidding when i say weddings are always good excuses to wear that bling bling and be extra 🤣

Back then, i’d always look fwd to accompany my parents to weddings & end up complaining when my mum stayed back with the aunty aunty Srikandi talking god knows what for hours 😂 That’s what happen when you go to boarding school. Umi went to Sekolah Tun Fatimah (STF), Johor Bahru since she was 13. Eventho mek (my grandmother) opposed of the idea of Umi staying away from Kg Sireh, Kota Bahru at that age, she persisted to go..with tok wey’s (my grandfather) blessings.

That is because she knew the importance of education- even at that tender age. That’s how wise my Umi was..even with KB having flash flood at that time, it didn’t stop her from travelling 700 km away by train despite registering several days late. “Her sweet smile and slight mischief”- that’s how her friends picture my Umi..wise, but still know how to have fun. Once she set her mind to something, she’ll get it done by hook or by crook.

And that explains why she became Srikandi’s president for 8 years with the vision to revive the alumni association and even introduce the title SK to STF alumni. Umi was a woman with vision, whom when she set her heart to something- she became unstoppable. Spending her high school in STF until lower form 6, she managed to secure a JPA scholarship to pursue Ordinary National Diploma at People College of Futher Education, Nottingham UK. That was after she declined an earlier offer at Technology Institute, KL. See..umi aimed high, and she believed that she would get it. That’s how of a confident ladyboss she was.”

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