PART 1: How Bluebell Skincare Started as a Business.. This is Our Story.

Hey, It’s me Aliaa, your Co founder. So, this is our story 😊 A story that I would like to share with you guys. ❤️❤️

Ramai yang tak tahu but Bluebell Skincare has been running for 5 years since 2015. Today, I would like it to be known as a mother-daughter in law business which I am running it now. But the objective and intention had always been hers , it was her idea, my late mother in law, Puan Mek Yam binti Jusoh to have a brand name called ‘Bluebell’.

About Bluebell Skincare
On the left, Allahyarhamah Puan. Mek Yam Binti Jusoh The Bluebell Skincare Founder (Blue Scarf)

I still remember, wayyyy back in 2004, when I was dating her son. Well, my now husband 😜. It was at his house when she approached me and said ‘Aliaa nanti boleh tak tolong buat kan logo untuk umi?’

At that time, I had just finished my Diploma in Graphic Design in UITM, Shah Alam. And of course, designing a logo is one of my forte 😉 So of course immediately I said ‘Boleh.. Umi nak buat logo macam mana?’

She said ‘Umi nk buat logo mcm ni’ and she showed me a bluebell flower still life photo. And she continued ‘Umi nak buat logo bunga ni but mcm painting or drawing’ And I said ‘Boleh!’. Yelaa, tgh dating dgn anak dia kot, tak kan nak kata tak boleh. Nak mampus 😜😜

But at the back of my mind, I’m like..Hmmm a logo but in painting form? This will be a bit tricky. Coz logo should always be in vector form, simple, best without any gradient and most effective without colours so that senang nk apply in black and white printing.

Hmm and I said to myself this gonna be a bit tough. I tried to design it, but somehow I kept procrastinate the design day after day and later I was swamped with my assignments after I further my Degree in Mascomm. She did asked few times, ‘Aliaa logo umi dh siap? And I just delay it..’Belum lagi umi’.

After a while. I believe she got fed up and she asked a friend of hers to design the logo… OMG, yes, I know right.. I’m soo guilty as charged.. Bad Aliaa!!! Bad future menantu.. 😢😢

So yeah, the bluebell logo on the image profile that u see now WAS NOT DESIGNED by yours truly 😅😅 Till now, I am still guilty when I think abt it. Like how I could have contribute a lil bit of her dream into Bluebell..and that it is how I know this business idea had been at the back of her mind long time agoooo..



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